Friday, 18 November 2011

barking baywatch

quite busy at work now so havn't had much time lately and will be getting less heading up to christmas.
Been working around amersham and quite surprised at how many Red Kites there are about. Managed a couple of pics with my compact of One on a lampost.

had thursday and friday off so i headed over the bay on thursday where saw paul and dave had already seen a lapland bunting and a common scoter both of which had departed by now. I headed off towards the middle ditch
to try to get a picture or 2 of the bramblings if they were still around (no luck only found gold, green and chaffinches. spotted several reed Buntings near the pool but little else. As i got near the green fence i spotted a stonechat which and got off a couple of pics before he went.

As i was soff on friday i got over there about 7.15 to try and find the lapland but as i was walking along the foreshore there was another guy with a great dane about 200 yards ahead of me. When i met up with him later he was looking for the lapland bunting too neither of us had any luck .
As i had to go out i headed for home along the middle ditch and took a couple of shots of the reed buntings

Hope to be getting a new camera soon with better low light capabilities. As i reached the foreshore i flushed up about 100+ linnets which flew off along the foreshore 2 skylark which headed onto the scrub and a single bird which was nearby which flew off on its own over towards the earth works could it have been the lapland bunting it already gone quite a distance when i picked it up with my bins and it just kept going.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Too much work

Busy week and weekend this week with work, so only managed  an hour or so on the patch saturday afternoon. The tide was well out and with no scope only bins couldn't make out if there was anything amongst the 120+ blackwits, redshanks and dunlin. other than 2 curlews about 50 mtrs apart. Thought there was a spotted redshank out there, but with not much light couldn' get a decent pic to positivly id.

 walked along the middle ditch and found 3 fieldfares at the choats road end.
apart from that there wasn't much movement at all.

At work Sunday out in the middle of nowhere in the chilterns i looked up to see a Red kite above
i also nearly tripped up a muntjac a bit later.Apart from that its been a bit quiet this week.