Saturday, 24 December 2011

New Toy

Thought i'd nip over to Barking Bay this morning before going to Romford to finish christmas shopping. Didn't get over there till about 10.15, but i had my new toy to try out in the shape of a nikon D7000.
The first birds i encountered were 6 great tits near the riverside centre. I reached the river just a a flock of a couple of hundred Dunlin were going of to roost (chance to use my camera)

These were quickly followed by about 50 lapwing (another chance).

there were also 15 curlew feeding on the mud

As there was nothing else along the river i headed towards the middle ditch where i come across the resident linnet , 2 green woodpeckers, a dunnock,3 robins and the resident finch flock at the far end of the ditch. Time to go shopping on the way back i saw what looked like a stonechat out on the scrub but it flew off almost as soon as i saw it and 2 fieldfare back at the river end of the ditch.

Didn't see anything special but i was impressed with the camera as it was giving reasonable shots with an iso of 1600 need more time to get to know the best settings but pleased with it so far.
Merry Christmas Happy, New year and good birding to all.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Work work work

Have been working every day for the last few weeks and havn't managed to get out.
Was hoping to go over Barking bay on the 3rd to have a walk round with dave and Paul, but got caught up in work and only had time for a quick look along the river and a near sprint along the middle ditch. when i got to the visitor centre they were right at the far end of the foreshore looks like they had a good crowd with them. Not much seen in the way of birds though about 5 Curlew 10 redshank by the jetty and a Kestrel were probably the best was a bit windy for the small birds. also managed a quick trip to rainham where i spent about an hour waiting for a Redwing to pose for me (no luck).

this is the only photo i managed.

 Been working round amersham way and seen plenty of Red kites , Kestrel ,Sparrowhawks and Buzzard.

Lots of tits too inc Great, blue, long tailed and about 6 Coal tits. My favourite though is this little fellow in the Mcdonalds car park on the st Albans turn off from the M25

 there every morning, flying from wing mirrow to wing mirror. Sometimes sits on the edge of your door if you have your window down. got next thursday and friday off, also getting my new camera and scope (i suppose the overtime is useful for something) Need some decent weather now.