Tuesday, 9 October 2012

100 up at the Bay

After being on 98 for a few weeks finally managed to reach a 100 for Barking bay thanks to a tree pipit and Jay. Didn't arrive on site till about 10 but still had quite a good day ( apart from the fact that the probable trappers were there again at the choats rd end of the middle ditch, have shown what they have done to lan and given him their car reg, he is going to check it out again tomorrow and ring police again). On the mud were 5 Blackwits, 3 common sanpipers, 2 ringed plover and 67 Redshank. Still can't get any decent photo's but heres a couple anyway.

There were about 50 Meadow pipits and 1 tree pipit, 5 Skylark. The Linnet flock is over a 100 now. Also had 7 Jay fly over and 4 swallows. Also made short visits on Monday and Tuesday after work There were still plenty of Meadow pipits on Monday also thought i heard a lesser Redpoll call by the middle ditch. Only heard it once and when about 80 Linnet took off from the area  i gave up looking. On Tuesday had another Jay but also as i pulled up in the car park a bird flew into the bush right in front of me about 20 mtrs away it popped out briefly b4 flying of along the embankment, itlooked like a coal tit but i only had briefest of views.


  1. Sounds like you saw a lot! I have been thinking of going over to Barking bay for a while but haven't yet.

  2. not bad was hoping to make 100 for the year as i didn't get it last year. Both paul and dave have already well passed the ton for this year.